Economic Empowerment and Global Learning Project-New Orleans

New Orleans: Rebuilding the Lower Ninth Ward

Students and faculty have joined forces with leading community organizations in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward (including the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association, Lower Ninth Ward Village, L9W Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development, Lower Ninth Ward Urban Farming Coalition, and The School at Blair Grocery), the Center for Bio-Environmental Research at Tulane and Xavier Universities, the Department of Business at Xavier, local and state officials, and local entrepreneurs on ways to facilitate L9W’s vision of creating a green economy.

The work is an exemplary program of “public scholarship” and knowledge-making through a collaborative co-learning approach about, with, and for diverse groups and communities.

Prof. David Veshosky and Katie Reeves ’10 Featured on PBS 39’s Tempo InDepth
They were interviewed about initiatives fostering economic empowerment in Easton, New Orleans, and Honduras.